Helping clients throughout their retirement

Client needs change, adviser requirements change, regulations change – but the industry has not kept pace.

Now it can, thanks to Daedalus the software solution developed by Spire Financial.

Our technology perfectly reflects current requirements:

  • Matching clients’ demand for unique, personal solutions
  • Matching advisers’ desire to deliver those personalised solutions
  • While satisfying the regulatory push for rigorously individualised retirement income plans

The innovative technology that Daedalus deploys brings together an understanding of the individual client’s mortality, guaranteed lifetime income rates, intelligent investment modelling, bespoke fund selection and portfolio construction. It then helps advisers to create a unique, personalised solution for every single client.

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A route through the retirement income labyrinth

New and Unique

Never before has there been a system that uses an individual’s mortality and Guaranteed Lifetime Income as an asset within the portfolio.

This is the quantum leap that makes Daedalus unique in the marketplace.

A fresh solution every time

The client’s needs and objectives are methodically established, alongside an understanding of their assets and of their attitude to risk.

Those needs, objectives and attitudes are then divided into four categories:

  1. Essential income
  2. Lifestyle income
  3. Discretionary spending
  4. Legacy assets

Daedalus then takes this information and uses it to help the Discretionary Fund Manager and the Adviser to match those client needs exactly.

In addition, to ensure that Daedalus can be intelligently ‘white labelled’, Daedalus has been developed with a highly configurable profile that allows each Investment House or Financial Adviser to create its own specific proposition. So Daedalus will slot neatly into your own in-house approach.

Daedalus directly addresses the risks to retirement income

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Daedalus approach.

We take the unique investment risks associated with managing money to deliver appropriate income throughout retirement – and we address them directly.

  • Sequencing risk
  • Volatility drag
  • Longevity risk

Daedalus has been designed specifically to mitigate these risks. One crucial way in which it achieves this is by using Guaranteed Lifetime Income in the form of Secure Lifetime Income (SLI) as an asset within each client portfolio.

This not only mitigates Longevity Risk, but, as a non-correlated investment, also lessens the overall volatility of the portfolio – and reduces potential exposure to negative returns in the early years of the investment.

This approach significantly reduces the chances of Sequencing Risk and Volatility Drag impacting longer-term income returns.

An elegant solution

Daedalus’s unique modelling system produces compelling results for every aspect of a client’s retirements. Increasing the use of Guaranteed Lifetime Income immediately and neatly transfers both mortality and investment risks from the individual to the insurer – who is far better placed to carry them.

The result? Increased peace of mind for both client and adviser.

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